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More information coming soon. Charles Aoun of Camauto Pro interviewed at the recent SEMA show in Vegas.

Let’s talk GPR or Glue Pull Repair. The Paintless Dent Removal industry has taken a huge turn over the past 2 years and especially this year 2019 has made an impression.

With the present GPR industry leaders CamAuto Pro and KECO Tabs leading the way with specialty tools and tabs, this will be our future of dent removal. KECO owner Chris White and Camauto Pro owner Charles Aoun have been introducing new products into body shops and collision repair facilities across the USA and providing either GPR training or demos to shops and staff technicians.

This move into body shops and collision repair centers coincides with OEM vehicle manufacturers plans to move away with body panel conventional repairs which may include grinding of panels, welding new panels in replacement, stud pulling mig welders to name a few past operations.

The Process For Maximizing Your Paintless Dent Removal Results is Glue Pulling and the future of Paintless Dent Removal.

Let's Talk GPR Glue Pulling Repair and Glue Pulling Dents. 2019 Has Become The Year of The GPR Industry.