Keco Level 1 Glue Pull Collision Pro Kit with Cart | GPR News | Glue Pull Repair


The KECO Collision Pro Kit is one of the most value packed glue pull repair kits available to body shop technicians today. This kit includes all of the tools required to complete level 1 repairs requiring minimal body filler to finish. This kit handles medium to x-large damage with ease and precision. Tools are easily organized on the designated GPR cart. The tab organizer will ensure you limit lost tabs and keep your shop looking clean and tidy.

  • Level 1 Toolset - Ideal for technicians looking to simply rough out damage that will ultimately need a filler for finishing
  • Medium to Large Damage - K-Beam and K-Beam Jr. provide the ability to make double-action pulls and the K-Bar performs leverage pulls that move tons of metal FAST
  • Knockdown & Blending - JVF Body Hammers and Slappies are great for knocking down crowns and releasing tension while repairing damage
  • Tab Selection - Includes medium sized crease tabs as well as large and x-large Centipede and Supertabs in all the most popular shapes, sizes, and materials
  • Storage & Organization - Designated glue pull cart and tab organizer keeps tools and tabs clean and organized in your shop

The Process For Maximizing Your Paintless Dent Removal Results is Glue Pulling and the future of Paintless Dent Removal.

Let's Talk GPR Glue Pulling Repair and Glue Pulling Dents. 2019 Has Become The Year of The GPR Industry.