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Glue Pulling Dents
Glue Pull Repairs-GPR Toronto -
Glue Pull Repairs- GPR is services provided by Mobile Dent Medic. GPR is the future of PDR Paintless Dent Removal.
The Process For Maximizing Your Dent Repair Results is Glue Pulling and the future of Paintless Dent Removal. Our process will maximize the results you achieve within your glue pulling service. We have been using the GPR ( Glue Pulling Removal ) at Mobile Dent Medic for 6 years now and the technology has advanced significantly within the past 6 years. From glues, glue tabs, tools used.
If you're a PDR tech or a client beginning your repairs with glue pulling it will significantly increase the speed at which you can turn jobs around and increase the quality of the end result. In either case, the efficiency gains and quality improvements made by implementing just a basic understanding of GPR techniques will undoubtedly increase time, effort, accessibility and overall results.
A great example of the GPR Glue Pulling Removal process and work involved is in locations on a vehicle with no access for tools with conventional Paintless Dent Removal.
Glue pulling has been around for many years and some locations on vehicles have always been hard to access or no access at all. Times are changing each year with new model vehicles being built and always a concern for Paintless dent techs.
We hear from clients each week of previous attempts at dent removal where they have been told it cannot be done. Not all dent techs are equal in experience , with hail techs, door ding techs each having a different approach to this process and different years of training, experience. We all have our expertise with dent removal as with all trades.
Special Thanks to KECO and CamAuto Pro for continued GREAT products and tools

The Process For Maximizing Your Paintless Dent Removal Results is Glue Pulling and the future of Paintless Dent Removal.

Let's Talk GPR Glue Pulling Repair and Glue Pulling Dents. 2019 Has Become The Year of The GPR Industry.